Ultrasound, human ear can not hear high frequency sound waves is the name given to. Öteses, ultrasound suggested names for these concepts are.

Sound energy türüdür.Ses, occurs as a result of vibration of objects. X - ray electromagnetic radiation of sound is not unlike. Is an acoustic wave ultrasound. (In other words, the gas, liquid or solid medium is a wave in the mechanics). An environment of sound to be transmitted (article) is required. Of sound from one location to another location dissemination is the energy transport. The spread of the sound wave speed, depends on the density of media.

Sound waves are separated 3.

Infrasound (ultrasonic); frequency is 20 hertz or lower volume.
Audible sound frequency is between 20-20 000 hertz is the audible sound.
Ultrasound; 20 to 000 hertz (2 - 15 MHz) is the frequency of sound that can not be heard.

Wave length and speed
Ultrasonic frequency sound speed is fixed at a certain speed = frequency x wavelength, the equation by increasing the frequency of the sound wavelength is shorter. The relationship is inversely proportional to the soft tissue out of the audio frequency to 1.5 MHz Mhzden 3 wavelength of 0.5 mm to 1mm or drops. Volume Watt / cm ² are measured in units. Practice is measured by volume Bel (1B = 10 dB). Article Density Sound Speed (m / s) 1.85 3360 Nov 1.06 1570 Bone Air 0,001 330 Oil 0.93 1480 due to the blood based on echo 1.0 1560 X-ray utrasonografi, is different from tomography and magnetic resonance. Ultrasound between different acoustic density between the surface of soft tissue structures can be separated. Intensity of the reflected acoustic echo between the surface and the shock of the sound beam angle is optional. Angle of incidence of the sound beam is how close to right angles to the less sound is reflected. More than three degrees from the vertical angle deviation is reflected in the sensor, the sensor can not capture sound.

Ultrasound of the abdominal organs and soft tissues in a good while, such as lung and gastrointestinal tract can not be transported in air-containing organs. also do not have a bone ultrasound, bone around the organs in the environment can not be examined by ultrasound. Absorption Ultarsound wave intensity, with dissolution refleksiyon and decreases. Increase the frequency of ultrasound waves with tissue absorbsiyonu increases. Ultrasound beam with a certain acoustic properties of a tissue with different acoustic properties of a tissue section to reflect a beam when it is sound. Angle is usually equal to the angle Refleksiyon come. Reflection of sound waves beam larger than the neck requires a flat and level. For example diyafragma, vascular walls and the surface of these features are the boundaries of many organs. Ultrasonic sound technology to benefit.
• Human and animal location and size of the diseased area is determined.
• Object is the disinfection.
• thickness of the pipe is determined whether or cracks.
. Ultrasonic sound that can be removed and Yarasalar
• Through use of sound reflections can find the direction and hunting are

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